I had been a faithful vinyasa yoga enthusiast for over 10 years when I tried Pilates. I came to The Innerspace studio in 2012 initially because I was drawn to the Jivamukti yoga classes that were taught by previous instructors. Since Innerspace was largely a Pilates studio I inquired about the classes that were offered and if Pilates really could help me to become stronger for my yoga practice. I noticed all the equipment and was curious as to how it all worked. I thought Pilates was only mat work and grueling ab exercises. Was I wrong!
I have been a convert to Pilates. Sure I love a good vinyasa yoga class but the strength and toning I have achieved from routinely practicing Pilates is no comparison. Like yoga Pilates stretches and strengthen the whole body. But instead of practicing only on a mat, a Pilates session involves the use of equipment in a very structured environment either individually or in very small classes of 2 or 3 people with highly trained instructors. The workouts are more intense; no cheating allowed! Therefore the results are apparent.
The instructors at Innerspace are awesome. It is evident that they love what they do and they care about each student. They have created a nurturing space that keeps people coming back. I am so glad I found this studio/staff and that Pilates has become a part of my regular routine.
Thank you Innerspace!

Linda Deresienski


I don’t like to exercise but I do love Pilates. I feel that the instructors make me strive to do that little bit more and I feel so good and strong at the end of the practice. All the staff is interested in making sure you feel good. And it is fun!

Deb Johnston