Small Group Sessions

Pilates was taught one to one and it was not until the turn of this century when groups came onto the scene. Pilates is about improving posture, movement, stability, strength, stamina, and flexibility…and we believe strongly that those benefits are better realized in small group formats.

Small group training is one of the largest trends in the industry because it brings results, fun, variety, and personal attention at prices lower than private sessions. Our small groups at InnerSpace are all limited to three to five students to ensure plenty of individual attention.

Small Group Offerings

We offer a variety of small group classes  (3-5 students)

  • Group Reformer: Classes will consist of classical reformer work where the order and progression are set as well as contemporary classes where the choreography is created specifically for the group and changes on a monthly basis.
  • Pilates Chair:  This is a workout you can’t take sitting down!  Workout all aspects of the chair in a variety of positions to find new balance, poise and control.
  • Tower Classes:  Tower classes are all the rage in NYC and maximize the use of spring resistance to develop long and lean muscles.  Take your mat workout to the next level!
  • Jump Board: Looking for a way to get a cardio workout into your busy schedule?  Jump combines cardio segments with Pilates reformer exercises guaranteed to elevate your heart rate, improve bone density without unnecessary stress on joints and strengthen the core!  An all in one well rounded, fun workout!
  • Mixed Equipment:  A combination of reformer, tower, chair, barrels and props to keep you invigorated in your workouts!


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