Individual & Duet Lessons

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Individual Pilates Lessons

Experience Pilates the way it was designed to be taught – one on one. The Pilates System is adaptable to every body, and a private session accelerates progression and maximizes the benefit to the body. During your private session your instructor will craft the method so it is personalized and pertinent for you. Your instructor’s expert eye and experienced touch will facilitate growth faster than is possible in a group setting. Ideally, every Pilates’ student benefits from at least one private session a week to guarantee and facilitate progress and change.

Duet Pilates Lessons

Share the session with a friend or loved one and learn the Pilates method together. Making a commitment with another person can help keep you on track and also create a fun way to share time as you work toward individual goals.As part of a duet you receive much more personalized attention than in a group session, have the opportunity to work more on your individual needs, and have the ability to schedule sessions at your convenience.